As the mom of a child with allergies, AllerMates® founder and CEO Iris Shamus created a range of child-friendly allergy accessories and learning tools to safe-guard children with allergies, asthma, diabetes and other health concerns.

These products can help provide the safest possible environment for your child. The hope is that these products make children with allergies, asthma and other health concerns feel good about themselves.


The following AllerMates® & MediMates® products are distributed by Pharmaher Healthcare:

Allermates® Wristbands

MediMates® Wristbands

Helpful Tools for Parents

AllerMates Allergy Action Plan  – Download the AllerMates Allergy Action Plan. Fill it out and hand to teachers, babysitters or any caregivers. This form It is an essential tool to help ensure the correct handling in case of an allergen exposure

AllerMates Asthma Action Plan  – The Asthma Action Plan is a downloadable pdf that you can print and fill out. It is an essential tool that helps you keep track of and manage your child’s asthma triggers, symptoms and medications –

Distributed by Pharmaher Healthcare, Allermates® products are available to purchase in your local pharmacy.  Check out the AllerMates® website for comprehensive allergy advice and information for Parents and Kids.