Isoride® is elite nutrition for elite athletes.

Isoride® is a brand and a distinctive product line that is dedicated to the unique nutritional needs of elite endurance athletes. Our products deliver on the promise of a competitive edge by way of optimal nutritional support at times when you’re pushing your body to the absolute limit and every millisecond counts.

Isoride® is a US range of sports nutrition products (

There are 4 products in the range.

See Don Bowie using Isoride® Gel Snap™ Energy

Don Bowie holds the current bike/run BKT world record from the lowest point in the continental USA (Badwater) to the highest (Mt. Whitney). On Sunday Nov 9th 2014, Don beat his fastest time by more than 3 hours, lowering the fastest known time to 14 hours 09 minutes 01 seconds to the summit. Total vertical feet climbed ; 23, 345. Total Distance; 141.5 miles.