Vizulize is the ultimate contact lens friendly eyecare range.

Vizulize offers a comprehensive range of safe, effective and contact lens friendly products. The range uses a contact friendly preservative, unlike most licensed eye drops. The range is isotonic, which means it won’t dry out the eyes and has a natural PH balance of 7.2 which is the same as tear fluid so it doesn’t sting.

Vizulize products irrigate and lubricate dry, tired and sensitive eyes. They provide long-lasting relief to red and uncomfortable eyes resulting from daily eye problems such as dry environments, computer work and contact lens wear.

The  Vizulize range consist of:

Vizulize Contact Lens Solutions
Eye Drops
Eye Sprays
Eye Washes
Eye Lid Care


Distributed by Pharmaher Healthcare, the Vizulize range is available in your local pharmacy.