Marketing Capabilities

The focus of our marketing activity is the building and management of brands. Our extensive experience within Irish pharmacy and the diverse nature of our brand portfolio ensures that we have expertise and skills across the whole of the marketing mix. Our ambition is to ensure that all our brands receive the attention and focus required to provide the best prospect for their success in today’s competitive environment.

The marketing services we offer include:

  • Growing traditional brands such as Golden Eye® that have been around for several years, as well as launching innovative new product developments such as AllerMates® allergy accessories for kids
  • Marketing niche products such as TheraTears® for Dry Eye as well as managing leading brands such as L’il Critters® Gummy Vitamins and Dentek® Oralcare while successfully maintaining their market-lead against mounting competition
  • Working across different areas of the market,  from Carex® - one of the world leaders in the home care supplies market – right through to NO-GERMS® hand sanitizers
  • Maximising marketing budgets
  • Targeting a wide range of consumers,  for example by generating brand awareness amongst young parents via radio & TV advertising with children’s vitamin range  L’il Critters® Gummy Vitamins and launching the Carex® range of independent living aids welcomed by older people.

Marketing Activiies

TV Advertising

Good Night Anti Snoring Ring TV Ad (Current)

Promotional Material

Catalogues & Brochures

Pharmaher Healthcare Catalogue ROI 2014
Pharmaher Healthcare Catalogue NI 2014
Carex® Home Care Brochure


L’il Critters® Gummy Vitamins
Ear Band-it®
Good Night Anti Snoring Ring
NasoCleanse® Saline Cleansing System


L’il Critters® Gummy Vitamins Poster (A1 & A4)
Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring Poster (A3)

Lineaslim® Garcinia Cambogia Poster

HealthAid® Back to School Poster (A3)
HealthAid® Back to School KidzOmega Capsules Poster (A3)
HealthAid® KidzOmega Liquid Poster(A3)

HealthAid® BodyLean Poster (A3)
HealthAid® CarboSlim Poster (A3)

HealthAid® Cranprobio Poster (A3)
HealthAid® Osteoflex Fizz Effervescent Poster (A3)
HealthAid® Argan Glow Oil Poster (A3)
HealthAid® HairVit poster (A3)
HealthAid® Digeston Plus (A3)
HealthAid® ZincoVit-C Poster (A3)