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NO GERMS™ Hand Sanitisers – kills 99% of All Known Germs, Bacteria & Viruses.

NO-GERMS kills 99.9% of germs for 2-4 hours with actives that remain on the skin to kill viruses and germs, unlike alcohol sanitisers which stop working the moment it dries on the skin.

Why No-Germs?

NO Germs launched on the UK and US markets over 11 years ago, selling to the NHS, every major pharmacy and supermarket group in the US and the largest pharmacy group in the US. The brand has been on Irish shelves for over 10 years now

1.  It’s Alcohol Free

Unlike alcohol based sanitisers, our technology lasts longer.  Studies show efficacy against coronaviruses for 60 minutes. Germs and other bacteria for 2-4 hours from one application. Alcohol sanitisers stop working as soon as they dry, usually in 8-12 seconds. 

2.. It’s non flammable and non drying

Ulinke the natural drying effects of any alcohol based sanitiser, our products are designed to moisturise the skin with natural extracts of chamomile, lavender and aloe area. our products feel good on the skin and are not tacky and won’t build a file more stickiness even after repeated us. Stickiness is often something that stops children from repeatedly using sanitiser properly

3.. It’s Effective

We have reformulated over 18 times since the original NO-GERMS. Each time our own lab revises and increases the effectiveness of the product to meet the latest pandemic. From swine flu, to bird flu, to norovirus, to coronavirus etc.. We were there and we fought and are fighting back against this latest horrible pandemic.

4.. It’s Clinically Tested

We work with leading independent labs to test our products to meet all relevant EN standard test including EN1276 and EN14476 to name a few. Please request all the tests and SDS at your convenience.

Registered with Irish Department of Agriculture Biocide Division

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Hand Sanitisers - Alcohol Free

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Hand Sanitisers - Alcohol Free

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