Hay fever or allergies ruining your day? We’ve got you covered!

The Pollenase range was formulated especially for the relief of hayfever and allergy symptoms.

The Pollenase Saline Nasal Spray provide relief from block dry or irritates noses.

The Pollenase Itchy Eye Drops and Allergy Eye Mist provide relief from the symptoms of hay fever including itchy, red, sore and watery eyes.

Symptoms occur usually in the spring, summer and early autumn when pollen from grass, trees weeds and flowers is released into the atmosphere.


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Allergy & Hayfever Relief

Pollenase Saline Nasal Spray 15ml

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Allergy & Hayfever Relief

Pollenase Allergy Eye Mist 10ml


Allergy & Hayfever Relief

Pollenase Itchy Eye Drops 10ml