Portland Bee Balm

Pure and Simple Lip Balm made from Beeswax

It was Brad’s love of bees, woodworking, and his wife Anika that seeded the existence of Portland Bee Balm. Anika was searching for a more natural, effective lip balm, and Brad was keeping bees. True to the DIY spirit they were brought up in, they took the beeswax from their hives and set out to create a high-quality product that reflected the social and environmental values they hold true. Now, our small team in southeast Portland is spreading those values and bee balms to the wider world.  


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As active participants of the world we live in Portland Bee Balm strive to create meaningful, useful products that are genuinely natural, add value to people’s lives, and help bring awareness of their role in the natural environment. With a focus on creating a simple and pure product, Portland Bee Balm is made with beeswax from Pacific Northwest hives, adding a select handful of carefully sourced organic and local ingredients. The balms are then wrapped in real wood instead of processed paper and are presented in lovingly handcrafted reusable or recyclable displays.

From the ingredients they source, to the packaging they use, to their interactions with customers, Portland Bee Balm works to be a business that supports the health and well-being of the environment, their community, and of course, bees and their keepers




Supporting Urban Bees & their Keepers

Portland Bee Balm are proud to be a One Percent for the Planet member company and have pledged to give one percent of their revenues to Portland Urban Beekeepers Association– helping people to bee keep in urban environments where connection to the natural world is lacking.