The Bug Co

Creating products that keep bugs away !

TheBugCo® creates anti-insect products for the whole family.

Whether is camping in France or trekking in Thailand, they have got you covered !

Products in the range include

TheBugWatch®  – anti mosquito repellent wristband , effective for up to 15 days. Adults and Kids sizes available

TheBugSpray™ –  an anti-insect spray which provides up to 6 hours protection per application and is effective against mosquito, midge and tick bites.

TheBugBite™ Cooling Spray  – specifically formulated to provide a cooling sensation to the skin which can help to provide relief to itchy and irritated skin.


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Natural Insect Repellents

TheBugWatch® – Refills (2 pack)


Natural Insect Repellents

TheBugWatch® – Ice White (Adult Size)


Natural Insect Repellents

TheBugBite™ 50ml


Natural Insect Repellents

TheBugSpray™ 60ml