The Global Leaders in Dental Accessories

John Jansheski, the original founder of DenTek, turned his dentist father’s ingenious invention – the Dental Pik – into DenTek, an oral care products business based out of Petaluma, California in 1984.  Since then, DenTek has grown rapidly by continuing to innovate providing high quality oral care products that are loved by customers globally.

DenTek are the only dental accessories specialists with an extensive range across floss picks, interdental brushes, dental repair, tongue cleaning and mouth guards – and with a range especially designed for children. We are proud to say that DenTek is one of Ireland’s fastest growing dental accessories brand.

DenTek are on a mission to improve the nation’s oral health. It’s time to clean between!

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Dental Products for Kids

DenTek® Kids Fun Flossers (60)


Interdental Brushes & Picks

DenTek® Dual Ended Dental Picks (60)


Interdental Brushes & Picks

DenTek® Slim Brush (32)


Dental Pain Relief & Repair

DenTek® Dental First Aid Kit


Brace Maintenance

DenTek® Wax for Braces