The Humble Guide to Teeth-Approved Easter Treats

Source – The Humble Co Blog

Easter is just around the corner and you may have noticed that the supermarkets are already filled with chocolate eggs, sweets, and sticky treats. With all these sweet temptations just waiting for you to throw them in your shopping cart, it can be pretty hard to resist eating your whole weight in Easter treats—and honestly, who could blame you? What we don’t advise, though, is compromising your oral health over this holiday.

The Humble Co have gathered together the best tips you can follow over Easter to help you take care of your pearly whites while still enjoying the holiday fun.

But first: how cavities form from sugary and salty treats

Simple sugars are your oral bacteria’s favorites. These bacteria excrete acid as a waste product after a feast. In the end, this acid is responsible for eroding your tooth enamel and causing the infamous cavities.

Maintain your oral hygiene routine

Our no.1 tip we have for you is not to ditch your routine. Maintaining a good oral health routine every day, especially during Easter, will help to keep your teeth safe and free of nasties and decay. Flossing, brushing twice a day for two minutes, and using mouthwash is the perfect combination for keeping your pearly whites nice and clean.

Take sugar-free breaks

Surprisingly, it’s not how about how much chocolate you can eat in one sitting, but how often you go grab it that has a negative effect on your pearly whites. Our advice is to limit your sugar intake to once per day to allow your mouth to return to a neutral acidity.

After treating yourself to sugary foods, it’s a good idea to chew sugar-free gum or have a glass of water. This will help to remove most sugar debris from your teeth.

Teeth-friendly sweets

Believe it or not, there are sweets out there that are not that harmful to your teeth. Dark chocolate with at least 75% cocoa content, for example, will help to improve your tooth enamel. Look for dark chocolate treats if you’re going to indulge in something tasty the Easter break.

Another healthy way of satisfying your sweet tooth on Easter day is replacing your sugary go-tos with sugar-free alternatives. They come in all shapes and flavors and they’re so much more gentle to your teeth without compromising on taste.

Any bar containing nuts is also a great snack choice. When you chew, nuts will help break up the plaque on your teeth, scrubbing away bacteria that cause cavities. Plus, certain bars with nuts contain less sugar than pure chocolate bars, which is safer for your oral health.

Worst sweets for your teeth

There are always foods you should stay away from if you want a healthy smile. Sadly, many of these foods are classic Easter treats! For example, jellybeans are a popular choice during this holiday, but their stickiness makes them a dental disaster.

When a jellybean gets stuck in your teeth, the sugars will remain in your mouth all day long. This gives bacteria in your mouth time to feed—and when they do, they’ll excrete harmful acid all over your pearly whites.

The same thing happens when you eat hard candy, such as lollipops. Sucking on those exposes your teeth to sugars and acids for a very long time! This can do real harm to your teeth, so just try avoiding those candies if you can.

You can still celebrate without chocolate

Instead of asking your family and friends for chocolate treats, why not ask them to bake a sugar-free dessert together? Also, if you want to treat your child during Easter, setting up a treasure hunt around your home or garden to hunt for clues or small non-chocolate gifts is a great way to ensure they have fun.


Now, despite our best intentions, following recommendations when it comes to sweet stuff is not our favorite activity, especially on holidays. However, it’s best to consume sweets after meals instead of throughout the day to prevent prolonged sugar contact to your teeth. Also, floss, brush, and swish your mouth with water or mouthwash at least twice a day to make sure your smile remains healthy and happy!