ThinOptics – Unbelievably Versatile

Invented on a bike ride in 2010, ThinOptics signature Readers, along with their incredibly convenient Universal Pod, have revolutionized the corrective eyewear industry for one main reason: their astounding versatility. These readers can truly be taken anywhere with ease — from the stop, to your office to a 20 mile bike ride.

As the world’s thinnest Reading Glasses, our Readers were engineered with portability in mind. Made from durable polycarbonate plastic, these slim Readers are lightweight and practically indestructible. Gone are the days of having to decide whether or not you had enough room to bring along your reading glasses wherever you go. With the ThinOptics Readers, you’ll never have to deal with a bulky case that won’t fit anywhere or worry about damage to your glasses while you’re out.

Paired with the Universal Pod,  the Readers are so much more than just reading glasses — they are full fledged Vision Solutions. The Universal Pod is designed for ultimate versatility, so there’s a variety of convenient options to keep your Readers Always With You. The first is attaching the Universal Pod (via an included non-residue adhesive strip) to nearly any hard and flat surface, such as your phone case or laptop.

The other option for storing the Universal Pod is simply slipping it into your wallet, purse, or pocket. Just as thin and durable as the Readers that sit snugly inside of it, the Universal Pod can reliably fit in any small compartment, making it our most versatile case solution.

With the Readers + Universal Pod, you’ll look good and see better. Find your perfect pair of Always With You Readers and keep them on you everywhere!